Jeremy Fischer

Undergraduate Student

Phone - (914)-479-9541

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Jeremy Fischer is an undergraduate at Duke majoring in mechanical engineering with a minor in chemistry. He is on track to graduate in the Spring of 2015 and has been with the Nanomaterials and Thin Films Lab since the Fall of 2012. His research has focused on the growth of carbon nanotubes using catalyst materials that depart from traditionally-used iron and nickle. One such in particular is platinum, as it is a more inert material, advantageous for potential biological applications.

Jeremy also assists with traditional carbon nanotube growth with other lab members, as well as miscellaneous applications of PVD/ PECVD.


Honors and Awards:

Jeremys work entails frequent visits to Duke's SMIF facilities, and he was recently awarded with their Undergraduate Users Program Grant. Jeremy is also a recipient of Pi Tau Sigma honors.