NTFL Attends 2019 ASMS Conference

The mass spectrometry research team including: Dr. Jason Amsden, Tanouir Aloui, Kat Horvath, and Raul Vyas attended the 67th annual conference on Mass Spectrometry and Allied Topics in Atlanta, GA. Kat Horvath presented on her work on "Designing a Magnetic Sector for a Cycloidal Mass Analyzer in a Miniature Mass Spectrometer" as part of the Instrumentation: Portable and Transportable Mass Spectrometers section. Raul Vyas presented a poster about his research on "Improving the Aperture Image Uniformity of a Coded-Aperture Cycloidal Mass Spectrometer."

Alumni Jimmy Thostensen Awarded Outstanding Dissertation Award

Recent graduate from the NTFL lab, James (Jimmy) Thostensen, PhD, is one of two winners this year for the Pratt Engineering School’s 2019 Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Outstanding Dissertation Awards.  Jimmy received the award for his research on making electrochemical wastewater disinfection more energy efficient under the project goals of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s Reinvent the Toilet Challenge. Congratulations to Jimmmy!

Mariana Vasquez Completes Qualifying Exam

Congratulations to Mariana Vasquez, who successfully completed her qualifying exam on, "Field-driven Odor Mitigation in Sanitation Facilities." Congratulations to Mariana on this milestone as she moves one step closer to completing her Ph.D.!

NTFL takes home prizes at Carolina Science Symposium

On Friday, November 9th graduate students Kat Horvath and Raul Vyas presented posters the annual Carolina Science Symposium for the second year in a row. Kat presented research on "Designing a Cycloidal Mass Analyzer to Detect Perfluorocarbon Tracers for Environmental Sensing" and Raul presented on the "Effect of PMMA Encapsulation on Noise Reduction in Carbon Nanotube Field Emission." Kat took home third place for her poster presentation. The Carolina Science Symposium is sponsored by the American Vacuum Society and RTNN. The symposium highlights research completed at Duke University, North Carolina State University, University of North Carolina, and North Carolina A&T State University.

Miniature Mass Spectrometer Demonstration for Visitor from Nucletron Technologies

Last week, the NTFL had the pleasure of hosting visitor Robert Tittl from the German company Nucletron Technologies for a tour of the lab and a demonstration of the miniature mass spectrometer. Mr. Tittl is a technology sales managing director for Nucletron Technologies and is interested in the capabilities of the ARPA-E mass spectrometer prototype. The picture shows graduate students, PI's, and our visitor crowded around the prototype, discussing the future of the miniature mass spectrometer technology.

Kat Horvath Completes Qualifying Exam

Congratulations to Kat Horvath, who successfully completed her qualifying exam on, “Designing a Cycloidal Mass Analyzer to Detect Perfluorocarbon Tracer Molecules for Environmental Applications.” Congratulations to Kat as she moves one step closer to completing her Ph.D.!

Mariana Vasquez Wins Second Place for Presentation at ECE Retreat

At the annual Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Retreat, Ph.D. Student Mariana Vasquez presented a talk entitled “Malodor molecules mitigation in sanitation facilities.” This presentation won her second place amongst graduate student who presented, along with a $1,500 travel award! Congratulations to Mariana!

NTFL Attends ACS Meeting

Research Professor, Jason Amsden, attended the annual meeting for the American Chemical Society in Boston, MA. On Thursday August 23, he gave a presentation titled "Prototype coded aperture miniature mass spectrometer using a cycloidal sector mass analyzer".

Joint Paper accepted by Chemistry of Materials

PhD candidate Yihao Zhou, in collaboration with the Glass group and the Mitzi group has written a paper to be published by Chemistry of Materials. The title of the paper, “our paper ‘ Solution-Processed Earth-Abundant Cu2BaSn(S,Se)4 Solar Absorber Using a Low-Toxicity Solvent’ and discusses synthesized, high quality solution processed CuBaSn(S,Se)4 films and fabricated high performance water splitting photocathodes based on the solution processed CuBaSn(S,Se)4 films. The paper demonstrated a pathway towards an environmentally responsible route for high performance, earth-abundant element, air-stable, and low-cost thin-film photoelectrochemical/photovoltaic cells.