Mariana Vasquez-Sanchez and James Thostenson presented at the 233rd Conference of the Electrochemical Society

Mariana Vasquez-Sanchez and James Thostenson presented at the 233rd Conference of the Electrochemical Society held May 13-18, 2018 in Seattle, WA. Mariana, a first year student, gave an oral presentation on her work regarding electrochemical odor mitigation titled, ‘Field-Driven Odor Mitigation in Sanitation Facilities’. Fourth year student James presented a poster on his work regarding electrochemical disinfection titled, “Blackwater Disinfection Using Potentiodynamic Methods and Surface-Modified Electrochemical Packed Bed Electrode Materials.

Congratulations to Undergraduate Researcher Alec Ajnsztajn

This past weekend undergraduate researcher Alec Ajnsztajn graduated from Duke University with a Bachelor's of Science in Engineering. While at Duke, Alec majored in Mechanical Engineering and spent over two years working in the nanomaterials and thin films lab as a Pratt Undergraduate Research Fellow.  Alec will be continuing his education at Rice University where he will pursue a Ph.D. in Materials Science and Nanoengineering. We wish him luck in his future studies and research!

Kat Horvath Presents at Triangle Area Mass Spectrometry Meeting

Graduate student Kat Horvath was invited to present at the Triangle Area Mass Spectrometry (TAMS) discussion group about her work on "Eliminating the throughput vs resolution tradeoff in sector mass spectrometer miniaturization." She highlighted the group's work on aperture coding, CNT field emission ion source, cycloidal mass analyzer, and focal plane array detector. See the TAMS website for more information about the organization.

NTFL Awarded Seed Funding for two Proposals

Duke University's Energy Initiative has selected two NTFL proposals for funding under their Energy research Seed Fund (ERSF). The proposals entitled "Investigating the stability of promising earth abundant-based photoelectrochemical energy materials" and "Increasing the Efficiency and Power Density of Redox Flow Batteries with Metal Nanowire Flow-Through Electrodes" will take advantage of the electrochemistry expertise in the NTFL group. The second proposal is a joint project with Prof. Ben Wiley in Duke's Chemistry Department. The ERSF supports preliminary, multidisciplinary, collaborative research projects that will make long-term, significant and original contributions to addressing major energy challenges. Click here for additional information.

Yihao Zhou Presents (and wins prize) at Duke Energy Initiative Workshop

Ph.D. student Yihao Zhou participated in the interdisciplinary research workshop "Envisioning Energy Solutions" hosted by Duke University's Energy Initiative. Yihao won second place in the student presentation portion of the program where he presented on "Photocathodes for Solar Wafer Splitting." Participants were evaluated based on how well they "translated" their research to a general audience of scholars from across many disciplines while demonstrating a contribution to advancing an accessible, affordable, reliable, and clean energy system. Congratulations to Yihao on the wonderful presentation!

NFTL Faculty Presented CAMMS Research at Pittcon 2018

Jason Amsden, Assistant Research Professor, gave an invited talk about our CAMMS work in one of the premier conference sessions on miniature mass spectrometry run by Professor Graham Cooks at Pittcon 2018. A standing room only crowd came for the presentation and asked several excellent questions after the talk.  Prof Cooks, a global leaders in mass spectrometry, was highly complementary about the work, indicating to the audience that it reminded him of past transformational instrument design concepts in mass spectrometry.

NTFL Publishes Two Articles in JASMS

NTFL publishes two articles in the February 2018 issue of the Journal of The American Society of Mass Spectrometry. This special issue focuses on Novel Instrumentation in Mass Spectrometry and Ion Mobility Spectrometry. Articles can be found here.

NTFL Faculty Talks to Expo Insider Magazine

Assistant Researcher Professor, Jason J Amsden Ph.D., was quoted in the article “Mass Spectrometry on the Move” is the newest issue of Expo Insider Magazine. This issue of the magazine is a preview of the PITTCON conference taking place next week in Orlando, Fl. Professor Amsden and Professor Glass will be attending the conference to discuss advances in miniaturizing the mass spectrometer.

NTFL Competes in Carolina Science Symposium

Students Kat Horvath, Tasso von Windheim, and Raul VyasStudents Kat Horvath, Tasso von Windheim, and Raul Vyas presented posters at the Carolina Science Symposium at NCSU (November 2017). Tasso von Windheim brought home first place in the photo competition as well as third place in the poster competition where he presented on “The Effects of Gamma Radiation on Carbon Nanotube Structure and Field Emission Performance.” The Carolina Science Symposium was a joint symposium organized by the Materials Research Society, ASM International and the American Vacuum Society.