Jason J Amsden, Ph.D.

Associate Research Professor

Dr. Amsden is a Assistant Research Professor affiliated with the Nanomaterials and Thin Films Lab at the Pratt School of Engineering's Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. He has been with the team since October 2012, working on: the development of a low cost, sensitive, rapid, field deployable mass spectrometer (MS) incorporating traditional magnetic sector designs with aperture coding and micro fabrication, and evaluation of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) as smaller, lower impedance electrodes for neurostimulation. 

He received his Ph.D. from the Department of Physics at Boston University in 2008, on the thesis "A study of the proteorhodopsin primary photoreaction by low-temperature FTIR difference and Ultrafast Transient Infrared Spectroscopy", and has a B.S. in Physics from the University of Maine, Orono.   

Prior Experience 

  • National Science Foundation International Research Fellow at Seoul National University, Seoul South Korea (July 2010 – July 2012) 
  • Visiting Scientist at Boston University Femtospec Lab, Boston, MA (February 2010 -June 2010) 
  • Postdoctoral Associate at Tufts University Ultrafast Nonlinear Optics and Biophotonics Laboratory, Medford, MA (February 2008 -February 2010) 
  • Graduate Research Assistant at Boston University Molecular Biophysics Laboratory, Boston, MA (November 2001 -January 2008) 
  • Undergraduate Research Assistant at University of Maine Laboratory for Surface Science and Technology, Orono, ME (May 1999 -June 2000) 
  • Undergraduate Research Assistant at University of Maine Environmental Ratioactivity Laboratory, Orono, ME (January 1997 -May 1999)   

Awards and Honors 

  • Boston University Presidential University Graduate Fellowship ,Boston University (September 2000) (Awarded to the top 40 of approximately 6,000 applicants to the Boston University Graduate schools) 
  • Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship, Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Program (September 1998) 

Apart from his academic achievements, he has a Crossfit Level 1 certification, TaeKwonDo 3rd Dan, and pursues DSLR photography and cooking as hobbies.     


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  • Meister, M.*; Amsden, J. J*; Howard, I. A.; Park, I.; Lee, C.; Yoon, D. Y.; Laquai, F. Parallel Pool Analysis of Transient Spectroscopy Reveals Origins of and Perspectives for ZnO Hybrid Solar Cell Performance Enhancement Using Semiconducting Surfactants. Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 2012, 3, 2665-1670. 
  • Amsden, J. J.; Kralj, J. M.; Chieffo, L. R.; Wang, X.; Erramilli, S.; Spudich, E. N.; Spudich, J. L.; Ziegler, L.; Rothschild, K. J., Subpicosecond protein backbone changes detected during the green-absorbing proteorhodopsin primary photoreaction. Journal of Physical Chemistry B 2007, 111(40), 11824 -11831. 
  • Lee, Y. K. S.*; Amsden, J. J.*; Mitropoulos, A.; Boriskina, S. V.; Kaplan D. L.; Dal Negro, D.; Omenetto F. G., Spatial and spectral detection of protein monolayers with deterministic aperiodic arrays of metal nanoparticles., Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2010, 107(27), 12086-12090. 

*authors are equal contributors  
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Contact Information

  • Office Location: FCIEMAS 3571
  • Office Phone: (919) 660-5592
  • Email Address: jason.amsden@duke.edu
  • Websites: