Prof. Jeff Glass on Sabbatical in Seattle

Jeff Glass started his sabbatical earlier this month in Seattle which will run until November.  His goals are to (i) assess commercialization models for sanitation solutions in developing regions in consultation with Gates Foundation staff, (ii) develop a new course, (iii) reconnect with MEM alumni in the Seattle area, and (iv) visit the University of Washington and several area companies to give seminars and discuss potential joint work.

Congratulations to Dr. James Thostenson!

Dr. James ThostensonCongratulations to Jimmy Thostenson, who successfully defended his dissertation, “Electrochemical Disinfection of Liquid Human Waste Using Potentiodynamic Methods and Controlled Electrode Surface Chemistry.” Hard work and practice paid off well for Dr. Thostenson as his presentation was very well received by the committee and generated some excellent discussion about future work (for the next PhD student!).

Reinvent the Toilet Challenge Video Update

The Reinvent the Toilet Challenge team recently celebrated the success of their working conveyer-style, solid, puck dryer as part of the most recent prototype. Check out this video to see it in action.

NTFL Attends ASMS 2018 Conference

Research Scientist Matt Kirley attended the American Society for Mass Spectrometry Conference in San Diego, CA. The four day conference featured short courses on various mass spectrometry topics, multiple keynotes highlighting the numerous applications of mass spectrometry, and an exhibitor showcase of mass spectrometer manufacturers and component suppliers. Dr. Kirley recruited partners for continued development and commercialization of the NTFL's miniature mass spectrometer.

NTFL Attends ASITA 2018 Conference

Earlier this week, Research Professor Jason Amsden attended the Advances in Stable Isotope Technology and Applications Conference at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. The three day conference included tutorials about the history of stable isotope measurements, a keynote talk from Dr. Jennifer Stern of NASA Goddard about stable isotope measurements in planetary science, and short talks on various applications of stable isotope measures and encompassing technologies. Dr. Amsden gave a short talk on "Eliminating the Throughput vs Resolution Tradeoff in Sector Mass Spectrometer Miniaturization" which was well received by the attendees.

NTFL Welcomes Summer Interns

NTFL would like to give a warm welcome to our summer interns. Abhyudaya Adulkar is a rising senior majoring in Chemistry at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. Abhyudaya is participating in the Duke ECE Summer REU program working on the Odor modulation project. Brielle Januszewski is a third year student majoring in Civil, Environmental and Sustainable Engineering at Arizona State University. Brielle participating in NSF-REU Grand Challenges (Pratt School of Engineering) program working on ammonia mitigation in wastewater treatment. Riley Luettgen is majoring on Chemical and Biological Engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Riley will be working on the ammonia reduction/ solid processing project. Samuel Phiri is a rising senior majoring in Electrical Engineering at Michigan State University. Samuel is participating in the Duke ECE Summer REU program working on Blackwater disinfection using a Packed Bed Electrochemical Reactor. Lastly, we would like to welcome Amy Lawson, who is a rising high school senior, who will be successively shadowing the summer interns and their respective mentors learning about the various wastewater projects in the NTFL group.

NTFL Attends DRTA/AFOSR Annual Review Meeting

On May 31, Jason Amsden attended the 2018 DTRA/AFOSR Radiation Damage Effects in Electronics and MEMS annual review meeting at the Basic Research Innovation and Collaboration Center (BRICC) in Arlington, Virginia and presented our DTRA funded work on Radiation survivability of MEMS vacuum microelectronic circuits with carbon nanotube field emitters.

NTFL Attends New Diamond and Nano Carbons Conference

Ph.D. candidate Tasso von Windheim attended the New Diamond and Nano Carbons Conference in Flagstaff, Arizona and presented a poster  entitled The Effects of Gamma Radiation on Carbon Nanotube Structure and Field Emission Performance. The conference focused on synthesis, processing, characterization, and applications of diamond and carbon nanomaterials and was hosted by Northern Arizona University.

Mariana Vasquez-Sanchez and James Thostenson presented at the 233rd Conference of the Electrochemical Society

Mariana Vasquez-Sanchez and James Thostenson presented at the 233rd Conference of the Electrochemical Society held May 13-18, 2018 in Seattle, WA. Mariana, a first year student, gave an oral presentation on her work regarding electrochemical odor mitigation titled, ‘Field-Driven Odor Mitigation in Sanitation Facilities’. Fourth year student James presented a poster on his work regarding electrochemical disinfection titled, “Blackwater Disinfection Using Potentiodynamic Methods and Surface-Modified Electrochemical Packed Bed Electrode Materials.

Congratulations to Undergraduate Researcher Alec Ajnsztajn

This past weekend undergraduate researcher Alec Ajnsztajn graduated from Duke University with a Bachelor's of Science in Engineering. While at Duke, Alec majored in Mechanical Engineering and spent over two years working in the nanomaterials and thin films lab as a Pratt Undergraduate Research Fellow.  Alec will be continuing his education at Rice University where he will pursue a Ph.D. in Materials Science and Nanoengineering. We wish him luck in his future studies and research!