NTFL Attends the ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit

April 6, 2016

From February 29-March 2, several members from Duke’s NTFL and LENS (Laboratory for Engineering Non-traditional Sensors), as well as RTI attended the annual ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit in Washington, D. C. Attendees included Jason Amsden, Jeff Glass, Matt Kirley, Philip Herr, Mike Gehm, David Landrty, and Kristin Gilchrist. This yearly summit features ARPA-E awardees as well as various keynote speakers including Dr. Sophie Vandebroek, Xerox Chief Technology Officer, & President, Xerox Innovation Group and former Vice President Al Gore. Dr. Vandebroek actually mentioned the Duke team’s work in her keynote address! The team presented at our booth in the technology showcase and discussed our miniature mass spectrometer concept that we are developing for ARPA-E’s MONITOR (Methane Observation Networks with Innovative Technology to Obtain Reductions) program. On the first evening, we were visited by Dr. Vandebroek and Dr. Ellen Williams, the director of ARPA-E. All were excited to see our progress and looked forward to seeing our miniature mass spectrometer in action at next year’s summit.

For more information on our miniature mass spectrometer and ARPA-E MONITOR project see camms.pratt.duke.edu

Photo of David Landry, Matt Kirley, and Philip Herr (left to right) at our booth.

NTFL Attends the ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit